HBSC  Gervel David, Fayolle Loic, Lamusse Fabrice, Ferrat Jérome, Bhollah Ravi, Rivalland Adrien,
Boulle Robert, Rey Thomas, Baissac Olivier 
STAGS Marie Nicolas
NP Menelas Jonathan, Rousset Christophe, Lebreton Dimitri, Bouic Aurelien
WC Bussier Fabrice, Lamusse Romain, L'effronté Princley, Dupavillon Nicolas, Leclair Loic
OVS Stow Carl, Terry Sébastian, Montocchio Jean Philippe, Lagesse Erik, De Fleuriot Amaury

MANAGER Bradshaw Patrick
• COACH Blazy Julien, Maigrot Daniel
• PHYSIO Albert Nicolas

  Our philosophy of sport is represented by the essence of the spirit of rugby which brings together the best qualities of men and women by sharing both the physical and moral strength that we all need in today’s world. Rugby embraces a number of social and emotional concepts such as courage, loyalty, sportsmanship, discipline and team work.


Our task in developing the game in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean enables us to bring together people with different ideas, backgrounds and cultures, thus establishing unity by giving all those involved a collective pleasure. Rugby being “une école de la vie”, it allows children to become men and men to remain children.


Kevin Venkiah
Rugby Union Mauritius

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